Saturday, January 1, 2011

Driving To The Store

Megan: I want to get dogs!

Adam: Is it true that female dogs tend to be less aggressive?

Me: I believe so. That's why when we get dogs, they'll probably be female. And spayed.

Megan: Good thing. Unless they've been mutated with frog genes. Then they'd still reproduce.

Me: True. You can never tell.


Me: See that? That's the HUGE mall (points)

Megan and Adam: WOOAH!!

Adam: Geez how'd they make it that huge??

Megan: See.. there's a Girl store, and that one's a Boy store, and they sort of got together, and had a bunch of minimalls.

Adam: Oh, yeah, right!

Megan: And then they had a McDonalds inside, that BURST out and made it's own company.

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