Sunday, October 4, 2015

Deerfield Fair

Since Hurricane Wakeen (some people would say Joaquin, but let's be serious, you know you all want to spell it like it sounds) decided to not mess up the weather this far north this weekend, figured today was the perfect day to go to the Fair. And it was!     (remember you can click on pictures to embiggen them)

We got there early afternoon, because mornings are disgusting and should be avoided at all cost. It was bright and sunny and warmish and lightly breezy --- perfect!

We first walked through all of the antique farming equipment, it was fascinating and at times puzzling as to what things were.

Just a smattering of the dohickeys they had out for you to check out

Then we saw this dinosaur, which loomed forward menacingly (though perhaps pushed by the wind) when Trevor went near it. I think it was trying to eat him.

T-Rex: I WILL EAT YOU!   Trevor: No! Not in the face!

We then started hitting up the various buildings, so if you aren't interested in pictures of cute animals or fair foods, or miscellaneous stuff, you can be done reading this post, and know we saw lots of things, ate lots of things, and walked all over the place and had fun. Otherwise, keep reading/viewing!

At the Crafts building we talked to a couple ladies doing Rug Hooking, which is nothing like latchhook and was fascinating, and I took some pics of my favorite crafts:

aww kitties and pawprints!

I can't imagine who this made me think of... KRISTY

At the Flowers building, this pretty plant looked to me like it had butterflies for leaves:

We then sat for a little bit watching the end of the 3100lb and beginning of the 3300lb horse pulls. That's the weight of the horses, not the weight they were pulling. When we left they had gotten up to pulling 8,000 lbs. 

Teams of 2 horses wait to be led over and hitched to the sledge loaded with weights


Never seen a Horse Pull? It looks like this, and gets more dramatic the more weight gets added to the sledge when they try to get it to start moving:

Then we (I) decided we needed some hot fresh-made Apple Crisp we saw as we were on the way to the Horse Pulls. It was delicious.
The icecream made it just cool enough to eat. SO GOOD

We headed over to the animal buildings, and perused the Oxen first.

big. BIG. give me all the steaks. 

Baby! This really looks like a dog from the back. He was so soft!

Still kinda looks like a dog from the front too.

It must suck not to be able to turn your head without wacking your horns on the wall. I bet vikings had this problem too. This is probably why vikings' wives yelled at them not to wear their hats in bed.
Then we hit up the Poultry Barn, SO MANY NEAT CHICKENS!!

where is its head??!!

Nope, still not seeing it

It's like a sheepchicken?

It's easy to see how dinosaurs evolved into birds with this one:


Looks like the offspring of a roadrunner and a chicken

love the pattern on the feathers

close up
The feathers around the neck were like a mane



Still Derpy

Huh. I guess just naturally Derpy

Ok... Enough with the Chickens, I get it. On to.. 


Like my dreds, mahn?

It was so soft and the curls.. LOVE THE CURLS

Weirdest Sheep Ever! Ok.. these are Alpacas

Ok enough with animals, more FOOD!

There were several Poutine vendors, but they were all stupid expensive so we didn't get any. $10 for a serving? I don't think so

Only in New England will something be labeled like this:

Mmm Fair fries with malt vinegar and ketchup, served in a paper.. dog bowl. Yes, even advertised as such. YOU WON'T SHAME ME, FAIR, I WILL STILL EAT THE FRIES

His Fried Dough topped with Chocolate Sauce and Powdered Sugar (left)
and my funnel cake with Cinnamon & Powdered Sugar (right) 

We wandered over and watched the last bit of the 6-cylinder Demolition Derby, boy those cars were beat to hell, then found a short highwire act with the actual Flying Wallendas family. It was neat to see a piece of history, with the grandson of the original patriarch (now much older) with his daughter, son and daughter-in-law up there, but also a bit nerve-wracking because there was no net and it seemed really high and if one of them fell that would be a TERRIBLE ending to a great day (for us AND them, I'd imagine). They didn't fall and once they were safely on the ground we headed out for the day.   Had a great time!


Dad standing on a chair. As one does. If they are crazy.

And, of course, to go: 

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  1. That looks like such an awesome fair! I'm a total fair junkie, love the sights, the smells, the excitement, the critters, the food! I want wicked good fries in a dog bowl. I'd love to see a Northeastern fair. The chickens were amazing, makes you wonder what the heck evolutionary quirk make all that fluffiness. Thanks for posting, LOVE you!