Thursday, March 18, 2010

Future Michelangelo

My daughter loves to draw. She's also very good at it, in my opinion, for an 11-yr old. Today she brought me her latest drawings, and I thought I'd share them with the world. Click to enlarge them for better views.

Here is the whole page:

As you can see she tends to go with animal themes. Two items of note:

Ninja Monkey

Note the throwing stars, he's holding one, and has already thrown another. Isn't he cute?!!
I asked her about it, and she said, dramatically, "The LAST sound you hear is "MUUHAAAA Ooh Ooh Ooh." (picture ninja/monkey sounds there)

Other drawing of note, the Volcano of Chili:

Yes, those are Hotdog People on the side of the volcano. When asked about this one, she said (again, dramatically), "VOLCANO..OF..CHILI.. AAAAGGHHHHH!!!!!! OH NO, SAVE THE BABY!!"

*sniff* so proud.


  1. Whoa! Excellent Drawings! Keep 'em coming....

  2. I agree about Megan's talent... I still remember the day that she and Adam and I decorated T-shirts with puffy paint, and Megan designed a monster and skeleton that demonstrated impressive graphic design skills.

  3. And now I'm thinking if that Ninja Monkey were enlarged on a Xerox machine and then cut out and traced on a T-shirt with a fabric pen, and then painted with puffy paint, it would make a pretty impressive T-shirt design.

    If she makes Volcano of Chili, she should put the caption: Volcano of Chili: Oh no, save the baby! on the back.

  4. Question: With Megan's artistic talents and computer skills, have you ever considered investing in sending her to a graphic design skills class? For example, in Ohio, there's a place downtown that offers a relatively affordable multi-week program for teens during the summer.

    Alternately, you could invest in some software (not sure what to recommend exactly) and let her play with it.

  5. Not a bad idea.. she definately loves playing with art programs on the computer.

  6. 10 times more talent than I will ever have!

  7. "She makes her grandma sooooo proud!!!

  8. Megan is FABulous! What a talent! And what whimsy!! Love it, love her, love you!