Thursday, March 25, 2010

While Shopping

So a few days ago I was at the store doing my weekly shopping, and as I'm standing in the aisle trying to find "fire-roasted diced tomatoes" for some recipe I want to try, I hear the approach of a Dad and his little boy, probably 4-ish years old.

The Dad (to son): No son we don't need those, now we need to find the baked beans.. baked beans.. where are the baked beans?

The Son: (yammers on - I wasn't really paying attention)

Me (standing in front of said baked beans, since they were next to the canned tomatoes) *points*: Baked Beans

The Dad (gratefully): Thanks!! *comes over to mull over the 5 shelves of various baked beans* ...Uhhhh which ones are best?

Me: Well Bush's are the best brand in my opinion, but which flavor is up to you.

The Dad: Uhhhhh *randomly picks a can* There we go! Thanks!

*LOL* Looks like his wife didn't get specific enough. When I send Lem to the store I write down brands, flavors, EVERYTHING so there's no ambiguity. And if I forget he calls me, if not he will always pick the wrong thing which makes me grumpy when he gets home with the groceries. Which is probably why I just do most of the shopping.

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