Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bon Voyage! Day 2 - Day At Sea

The beds were very much like sleeping on boards, so didn't get a good night's sleep. Lem and I very smartly brought our own small fans, which I highly recommend to anyone cruising esp if you go on this ship, because everywhere you go the temp was inordinately HOT, esp in the eating areas. We ended up always eating outside on the Lido deck if possible. This day ended up just as sunny and beautiful as debark day. Today we opted to try eating breakfast in the Rotterdam Dining room instead of the self-serve buffet on the Lido deck. Big mistake. It took an hour and a half for us to get our food. We did have a nice conversation with two sisters sitting at our table that were from Georgia. They were typical southern gals, very funny to listen to them banter.

Since this was our travel at sea day, Adam and Megan had specific times they had to meet us to check in, but otherwise were free to either hang out in the teens Loft area for Adam, or Club Hal for Megan. Or, of course, the pools:

This is the indoor heated pool on the Lido deck. The ceiling splits apart and is retractable.

Megan pretty much lived in this pool whenever we weren't off the ship on excursions or not eating. She made a friend named Gabriella who was the same age, and they became pool buddies for the entire cruise.

She was also pretty happy that kids were allowed in the hot tub:


Looking down from the walkway above the pool on the outside perimeter of the ship. They had the retractable ceiling open it was such a nice day.

On every other cruise line I've heard of, or been on, you can buy a soda card. This costs like $20-30 and gives you unlimited sodas (aka pop) the entire cruise. Holland America sells a soda card that gives you 20 fountain soda punches. LAME. They also sell a cocktail card that has 10 punches on it, and saves you a little money overall. The kids each got a soda card, and Lem and I each got a cocktail card. This is the day I discovered Pina Coladas. Understand, I hate coconut. No really. As much as I hate garlic and onions. However, apparently I like coconut milk. Lem ordered one and I took a drink and WOW.. yuuuum. I used quite a few punches on my drink card for this one!

While the kids were off having fun in the pool and the Loft, we went to an interview with Capt. Keith Colburn from Deadliest Catch. He and his lovely wife were on the ship for the duration, he did a couple cooking demonstrations (he used to be a cook) and this interview. I found him to be extremely well-spoken, intelligent, and very likable. He gave all sorts of nuggets about behind-the-scene stuff from the show, like the fact that he's actually kicked the camera crew off his boat three times because they crossed the line and had started to negatively impact his family and/or job.

I might have totally snuck a pic of his formal pics with his wife.. it was funny in almost all of them he kept his Wizard hat on, even with a tux! Not putting it here since it wasn't my picture.

Dinner Time! Formal Night!!

More enthusiastic kids! Really though Adam
is just tired from staying up late.

Lem helps Adam get all snazzied up.

Slowly the pieces come together..

AAGH!! ZOMBIE! Hey nice tux..

Adam cleans up real nice!

Lem all fancy

Hey! It's me! And Megan.. hiding under a shawl.

("ok mom, stop taking pictures GRRRR")

Kim enjoys the sun.. HEY LOOK OVER HERE!

There we go...

Me and Grandma Wittman

What do you mean the food isn't included in the cost?!!!!

Ok actually Megan stole my camera and Grandpa hammed it up.

Nate looking very suave.

And his mom Diane shows off her anniversary gift -- chocolate pearls! No.. not real chocolate, but real pearls!

And her hubby Brad keeps the imaginary indoor birds from taking a shot at his head. I guess?

Noah and Allie make such a cute couple!

Yay! Dinner. Hey, where'd it go?? Did someone hit this with a shrink-ray?!

And Megan sneaks over.......

Megan and her favorite Washington uncle. Of course, it's her only Washington uncle..

Grandma Wittman sparkles

On the way back from dinner. WTF is that sculpture about?!

Manta Ray! Tonight was the first night in a series of Towel Animals left for us by our room steward, which was pretty neat. We headed back and changed out of our finery after dinner (*whew!* it was HOT on this ship everywhere!) and then wandered around to the Ocean Bar for drinks while the kids did their thing. Adam spent the night again with Matt and Nate, but they all got busted by Diane for staying out past when she said they were supposed to be back in the room for the night so he got sent back to our room early morning next day and lost some privileges. Silly teenagers.

Thus ends Day 2!


  1. I am sure Adam and his friends consider the punishment totally worth it.

  2. I'm sure they do too. I really was completely unsurprised and they didn't do any damage to the ship or themselves other than losing sleep so *shrug*