Sunday, June 13, 2010

Gone To The Dogs

I must admit, I don't currently own a dog. I did, however, grow up owning dogs at various stages of my life, so I feel okay in expressing some thoughts about them. And I have kids, and dogs are like furry kids, right?

As I was driving to work this morning, I was behind a pickemup truck that had a dog loose in the back truck bed. It was a black, generic hound-mixed breed looking dog, and was tall enough it could stand and have it's head over the side of the truck bed. It roamed back and forth from one side of the truck to the other as we drove down the city streets.

This made me nervous.

I realize that dogs aren't completely dumb, and it would probably not just randomly jump out of the truck. But still. I wondered what would happen if a cat happened to walk down the street right next to the road, or if some other desirable distraction occurred. There was nothing to keep the dog from jumping out and running right through traffic. In looking into the cabin of the truck, I could easily see there was only the driver, no passenger. Why wouldn't you just put the dog in the seat next to you?

Honestly I've never understood why people put their dogs OR kids in the back of a truck. These days I believe it's illegal in most states to put your kids there -- no seatbelts/unsafe. Isn't your dog a member of your family? Why would you put it in a definately unsafe position? What happens if you have to slam on your breaks and your doggie is wandering the truck? Or if you get rear-ended? I remember finding online a neat little pet harness that would allow you to strap in your pet to seat belts. Wouldn't it be safer to have them strapped in by your side, or at least in the cabin with you? But then it occurred to me if you have air bags, I bet they aren't rated/tested for dogs. Would it potentially be worse to have your dog there, then? Someone research this and tell me!

One other thing.. Doggie bandanas. I don't get it. Yes, they can be moderately cute, I suppose. For some reason I've always perceived these as sort of.. er.. 'redneck'. Perhaps when I get dogs again I will suddenly be overcome with the need to add clothing accessories to them. I doubt it. Guess this is a wait-and-see thing.


  1. No, dogs don't need clothes. At least , not the dogs we'll get.

  2. Yeah I realize that some doggies esp hairless or thin-coat may need little doggie jackets if they live in a colder climate. That's completely different, imo.

  3. When I was a kid, we used to ride in the bed of the truck under speeds of 15 mph because for us it was fun and exciting. But if it was more than that, our parents made us get in the cab. As for our pets, we've always kept them safe because you don't know if they'll jump out or not (despite how smart the are or are not).

    And I hate bandanas in ANY situation. They do look redneck and stupid.

    Like the blog and it'd be awesome if you could check mine out sometime!