Sunday, July 11, 2010

Say What??

Usually I have my camera with me, and as I'm going about life if I notice something amusing, or odd, I'll snap a pic of it. Here's my recent ones:

While in a gas station to snag some munchies, we came across this fine vintage wine:

For your domestic squabble this evening, we recommend the cabernet sauvignon...

Really she doesn't look very mad to me? Oh wait! She's probably drank a few bottles of this fine $7.19 wine. And hey, if she's still mad, at least it's a red wine so it'll nicely match your blood! Er..

Ok wait. What? Bread in a can? BREAD IN A CAN? No, we're not talking bread dough, it's an actual small LOAF OF BREAD?!! THIS is what makes America so great!! Mmmm raisins..

An important public service announcement that we should all heed:


While at the Dollar General store, I happened across a few products:

Ok is it just me, or do you immediately think of Lassie, the famous TV dog? So you're basically saying I have enough hair on my legs they look like Lassie? I'm so offended!! And here I was going for more of a Bigfoot look..

This was in the hand cream section:

NOT going to make any boobie jokes here, but wtf??

So wait.. you're selling something that was developed for use on dairy cows at the dollar store? Does your average farmer usually shop for Udder Cream at the dollar store?? Perhaps this is a demographic that dollar stores have been missing out on all along!!

Yes, this world is still a crazy place.


  1. The bread one is all the more awesome when you consider its name -- B&M. It's brown bread with RAISINS. Of course it'll bring on a BM! (In a can?) ;)

  2. That Udderly Smooth is sold in all the drugstores around here - not even dollar store weird! ;)

  3. ....and, of course, I have a 'Jar' of Udderly Smooth skin cream.

  4. I somehow knew you would.