Monday, September 20, 2010

How'd They Do That?

I'm constantly amazed as I go through my life at how crazy smart and inventive people are in this world. Did you ever use a neat gadget or gizmo, or enjoy the convenience of our modern world, and think, "How'd they even THINK of that??"

Like, the sewing machine. I know how to use a sewing machine, and I understand the basics that it has two threads, the main spool and the bobbin, and it intertwines those two threads in a way that keeps them from unraveling through the fabric. What I never knew was how COMPLEX this process is:

I mean REALLY, I can't even imagine just sitting there fiddling around bits and bobbles, and trying to make some mechanism that could do that.

Another thing that amazes me is flight. Not that it's possible, or how it even works.. that people were brave enough to just TRY it, no parachutes, no inflateable safety chutes.. check this out:

1908?!! And do you see how high they fly at one point.. they're just sitting in basically an antique ultralight aircraft I would hope with some form of seatbelt, but even so.. yikes!!

I am really thankful to all the people that have preceded me that have come up with all the amazingly cool stuff that I almost always take for granted in my life. It's not only the big stuff, even little stuff like staplers, and nerf guns.. those every day things you use.

I am perpetually fascinated by history and how people lived and survived in a world without modern medicine and technology. If I had access to a time machine it would be so neat to go back and visit the past, but I sure as hell know I wouldn't want to live back then. Give me flushing toilets and computers ANY day.

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  1. don't forget Walter S. Hunt, the 1849 inventor of the safety