Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I Almost Got Into A Nerd Fight At Gamestop

Halo Reach came out today for Xbox 360. Yet another installment in the Halo franchise, that to me looks exactly like every other installment, but my son really wanted it, and pre-ordered it with his own money.

He reminded me about 30 times in the last three days that it was coming out, and I happily failed to inform him that there was actually a midnight release date Monday night, since frankly it was a school night so it would have just been torture for him to get it and not be able to play it anyway.

On the way home from work today, I in fact ALMOST forgot to swing by Gamestop and pick it up. A quick detour into the turn lane at the light past that and I circled back and parked to head into the store. I figured since I missed the midnight launch, all the screaming fanboys would have been and gone and I'd be right in and out. HAHAHAH! The line stretched the entire length of the store and started curving back in on itself.

I dutifully took my place at the end of the line, and more people were coming in every minute to get behind me. The 20-something guy in front of me starts explaining to me that he *was* here for the midnight launch, there were about 150 people outside waiting, and it was chaos. So glad I missed that. He then goes on to explain he lost the receipt on the way home that apparently has the code printed on it for the special in-game armor you can activate. Suuucks.. so he's back to get a reprint.

Apparently he's friends with the three 20-something guys BEHIND me, because they start Nerd talking about various games that are displayed around us. I vaguely pay attention as they are discussing Halo Vanquish, for which a big poster is on the wall above us. "What's that?," I ask..
This opens the FLOODGATES OF HALO NERDTALK... and after about 10 minutes of being peppered with information (much like pepper-spray, this made my eyes burn. Or that could have been their unwashedness). I find out essentially it's another Halo expansion coming out in a few months, but THIS time it's made by Sega and not Bungie.. so, yeah.. you know. *blank look from me* "It's basically the same Halo, but set on a different world, you know, it's like Star Trek vs. Star Wars."

WOAH. Wait a second. You did NOT just start something, did you Nerdboy?! His friend behind me even says, "Weellllll.. I was going to have to address that, but, now that I think about it.."
The guy in front of me then goes on to start his Star Trek vs. Star Wars comparisons, on how they really are the same (The Force = Q, for example, and how they both just want to find new places and kill people, except that Kirk would first sleep with everything before killing it, etc.). I was ready to go all Jedi on him, but then his friend chimes in with, "Yeah but I always liked Picard better." I turned around and actually high-fived him*, and the crisis was averted.

I finally make it up to the counter after having to endure them debate Dead Rising 2 and if in fact you could realistically swing around a pole with 2-chainsaws tied to the ends in a Darth Maul-type fashion (consensus: no, but the game will probably still let you), and the fact that The Gig game that is coming out will let you use a REAL guitar when you play boy band music so you're not gay at all (ok I might have thought that in my head as they debated real guitar vs. controller guitar).

I show my ID, and the guy brings out the Halo Legendary that my son reserved. Holy SHIT.. the box is ginormous. I'm literally embarrassed to reach over the counter and heft it away as other people are walking away with their little slim game cases. I asked the guy if it came with a dead puppy in it, since obviously there were no air holes for it. He said probably at that price.

That's my minivan in the background. I'm pretty sure you could hide a small child in this box.

It came with a bunch of extras, including a "statue" of "action figures":

Isn't Lem's computer chair sad looking? My son informs me that the blue guy in the front middle USED to be gender ambivalent, you could choose male or female, but NOW they've made the chick on the left of him in blue so that there's no confusion, because, as he says, "You can see they made her more..er.. curvy and feminimmem." *blink*

Is Cataclysm out yet?

*and unsurprisingly, his hand is warm and sweaty. Ew.


  1. You are just about the coolest mom any kid could ever want at any time! Bravo Delicia!!

  2. lol @ the * comment. I was wondering what it was referencing too.

    Yay for your son - with his own money too to boot! Whewt

    Cata can't come out soon enough... but I'm really really waiting for D3!

  3. The comment about Kirk sleeping with everything first before killing it was right on (and hilarious)! You're an awesome writer, girlie! Love you! Wicked

  4. Hi! I found you on twitter through Chibi Jeebs' recent interactions list. [I'm on it, too.]

    We have rather similar music tastes, I dig that you're a Rennie, and my man plays WoW & really wants me to play. (& I've watched him and my sibs play some before.

    Please request to follow me? @Al_Pal