Thursday, November 6, 2014


So we've been planning this get together, my friends and I, for a year now. Since the last time we all converged, actually. We're going to hang out, watch movies, play board & card games, go sight-seeing, and hopefully go to PAX East, which is a game convention here locally. I've been checking various places every day to see when ticket sales are announced. These tickets are in high demand, and they sell out very quickly. Also, you have to call in or be online and be in queue almost immediately to even be able to have a chance to buy them. Needless to say it's a bit nerve-wracking not knowing when they are going on sale. When we went to PAX Prime in Seattle, I was in the queue the minute they went on sale, and it took probably 40 minutes to get to my turn to buy tickets, and by then the 4-day passes were all sold out and I had to buy individual days (which is more expensive). Still totally worth it, but I'd like to try to get 3-day passes this time around if we can.

A couple days ago, the PAX Boston website updated, so instead of showing last year's information, it changed to "SOON". AAH! What if I'm at work when they go on sale? What if I'm busy playing the new World of Warcraft expansion that comes out next week, and I miss it?? I absolutely cannot wait to see my friends with all of us together again, it's going to be so awesome. Make time go faster!

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