Friday, November 28, 2014

It's That Time Again! Gingerbread Village

As per our annual tradition at Thanksgiving, Megan and I embarked on making some form of gingerbread.. something again this year. As you may recall, last year we made the gingerbread train which ended up being a train wreck. (Ha! See what I did there?)  This year we made a tiny gingerbread village.

First, the cutting up/breaking apart of the various house pieces!

This year I got smart and scored the breaks *before* trying to break them apart, and there were no broken pieces. Woot! Next came the assembly:

Yes, those are the house walls on top of the roof. What.. did you think this was a totally NORMAL gingerbread village? You obviously don't know us very well.

We let them set up for about an hour, and came back to decorate:

Megan: That looks like...  Me: It's a FACE  Megan: suuuure it is
Happy Portal to Hell
Why does the back always look better?

The radiation made this roof all wonky
The only "normal" house. Be afraid.

Poptart! Megan smoothed the frosting out by licking it.
Other side, it looks like a poptart too. 

"It's a vagina. With Teeth. You know, like the movie.
Me: umm.. I guess that's a way to pick it up. 

No, really, totally twelve.

NO, it's not "Walfy". Meg's nickname online. 
It's a

The village! 
The village now with more flash. 

Random comments you may have overheard if watching us make these:

-"You put your finger in the penis!" "Crap! Quick hand me that pen!"

-"Don't put your fingers in the vagina! I'm going to tell everyone my mom put her fingers in my gingerbread vagina. Call Child Protective Services!"

-"This is a FACE." "It looks like testicles."  "If I was trying to make testicles, I'd have moved the gumdrop down closer to the purple balls! They're not even close!"  "It's an old guy."

-"We are so weird." "I know, isn't it great?"

Thus wraps another wonderful Thanksgiving tradition! Just remember.. normal is boring.

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