Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Good Mood != Drunk

So last night Lem and I were playing World of Warcraft, and we were raiding (for you non-gamers, it's when a bunch of you get together to go fight monsters in a dungeon).

So we have 25 people, all that can type back and forth to each other in group chat, and we're also on Vent which is where you can hear/talk to each other through a headset. As always, when you get that many people together to game, you have some people that NEVER talk in raid/on vent. They show up, they do their 'job', get their lootz. You have some people that OCCASIONALLY talk; they make a comment now and then so it's always a nice surprise to see them talking. Then, you have people like me. I like to talk. I like to interact with people. What can I say, I'm a people person. Within a week of joining this guild the Guild Leader had nicknamed me "Chatty Kathy".

Lately, however, there's been some tension between some of the people playing. Lots of stress, lots of pressure, and basically it really has been kind of unfun. Add to that me not getting enough sleep lately and it's made for a very grumpy Del. So I haven't been talking much. At all.

Yesterday, I was chatting through the day with some friends on Twitter. I also after getting home finally got around to reading a site that one of my favorite bloggers writes on. It was HILARIOUS. The site, which is NSFW (and probably blocked if your work is like mine) is It has funny stories, product reviews, Q&A posts.. all... er.. of a mature nature. So I was reading the posts, and giggling, and asking (aka embarrassing) my friends on WoW asking them what certain terminologies meant.

Raid time came around, and since it was Tuesday we start the week fresh (server resets Tuesday mornings), so these are the "easier" monster fights we've killed in the past, which means it's less pressure/stress. Combine that with the giggly silliness I had been reading, and I was in a Good Mood. This hasn't happened for quite a bit while raiding, so it caused me to loosen up and actually joke and chat in raid. I had several people ask me if I was drunk. LOL! Aside from the fact that the only alcohol we have in any quantity in the house is a 12-pack of Rainier Beer (aka Moose Piss, as I like to call it), I had to be up for work at 5:30am the next morning so NO, no alcohol for Del.

I'd have to say it was a fun night, there was lots of kidding around, zingers flying and we still managed to kill a bunch of monsters and I got a new piece of gear (shoulders). It's amazing how something as simple as being in a good mood can change a whole night. I'll have to try that more often.


  1. Well I'm glad I got to answer the easy questions....

  2. But, Hey, Pal, at least it's not snowing like in Ohio, pokety poke poke.......