Sunday, February 7, 2010

Superbowl Review

So today was the Superbowl! It was a bunch of guys playing football, and The Who (I think .. I saw Pete Townsend anyway) singing at halftime. But really, who watches it for that??

I recorded the whole thing as I have in the last couple years, and then once it was over, I sat down to fast forward through the game, and watch the commercials.

What?? You don't remember them/didn't watch?? You can see them all here:

Here are my highlights:

Doritos -- FUNNY, except the one with the little boy telling the guy to keep his 'hands off his momma and his doritos'. Yeah ew.

E*Trade -- First one was funny, second was so-so, but nothing tops the commercial a few years ago with the baby who had used his investments to hire a clown but had "underestimated the creepiness of it".

Go-Daddy -- Just give ME the $ for airing this tripe. I was watching with my daughter, so had to fast forward through their sexist stupid commercials.

The and other job search ones -- erm.. interesting.. The "Casual Fridays" one had quite an EWWWW factor watching all the people walk around their office in their knickers.

Dockers -- What is up with commercials with people in their underwear this year?? There was another totally STUPID commercial featuring football players "singing" and one of em had a tiger-striped thong. Ick.

Annheiser-Busch (bud light) -- Boy they had a buttload of commercials. Good one was the scientists that thought the world was going to end by meteor. Funny bridge commercial, funny plane wreck commercial, funny auto-tune commercial (nice nod to K-Pek, first musician to make auto-tune popular I believe), and yay! one clydesdale commercial. Sorry but nothing tops their first original Clydesdales-playing-football commercial.

Bridgestone -- HAHA! Bachelor party, love it!

Dodge -- All the stuff Guys put up with so they can drive the car they want. "I will watch your Vampire TV shows with you." HAHAH!!

Coca Cola- Simpsons *yawn* dumb

Denny's -- By far the BEST COMMERCIALS of the superbowl. The first one set it up for the rest -- screaming chickens are FUNNY.

Dr. Pepper -- KISS and a big WTF???? or should I say small..

FloTV -- The ad with the guy who has "had his spine removed" HAHAHAHA!!!

Snickers -- Cute, nice little sight gag.

VW - nice, and the snippet of Stevie Wonder made us laugh and laugh

Audi -- HAHAH!! Green Police!! Actually.. this would probably be more funny if I didn't think at some point the world will actually be like this. Actually now that I think about it this is a little scary.

Vizio -- Yay for all the Internet Viral Videos featured!! Zombies, Numa Numa Guy, David the kid, Tay Zonday (Chocolate Rain), and probably more I missed.

So there you have it. There were a few others but nothing worth mentioning, in my opinion. Oh, and I guess some guys played football. I hope you enjoyed your Superbowl as much as we enjoyed ours!


  1. Great 2nd half as I was rooting for the Saints. As far as the commercials - - the worst ever, start to finish. Like you, I recorded for the commercials and it was a waste of electrons and magnetic bits, eh?

  2. ...... and, I must add that I really did love the Snickers commercial as I adore anything with Betty White but if I had to pick a favorite, it was the 18 second David Letterman/Oprah/Jay Leno thing......