Friday, February 19, 2010

Snakes.. Why'd It Have To Be Snakes?

Almost a month ago I went to Blockbuster, and deciding that since the kids had a week coming up for some random School break, to invest in a month-long video game pass. This lets you check out one video game of any type at a time, and you can keep it as long as you want or trade it for another, etc etc, for a month. We've cycled through quite a number of games so far, with the kids taking turns picking.

Last week I went, and took my daughter with me since it was her turn to pick the game. Since she had just gotten some $ for her good grades, she of course had to buy some form of overly-priced candy they sell. She chose a blue and white gummy snake, which was almost 3 feet long. Once home she proceeded to name it (Roger), and then use my kitchen scissors to slowly dissect it and eat the pieces over a period of a few days. Barbaric.

We went again today, this time both kids went with me since it was my son's turn to pick, and my daughter still had $ burning a hole in her pocket. Today she decided to buy THREE gummy snakes. She had already named them before we even got to the register.

Cashier: Wow someone really likes gummy snakes!

Daughter: Yeah. That's Roger Jr., that's Phil, and that's Frank.

Cashier (taken aback and yet horrifically fascinated): You name them?

Daughter: Oh yeah, and then I cut them up and eat them.

Cashier (nervous laugh): Hehe.. ok then here's your snakes

Dialogue from back of car on way home:

Daughter (to Roger Jr.): I'm sorry Roger Jr., you're father is dead. I DIDN'T DO IT. It was.... an eagle. ..... that was me.

Son: We should rename them. Call that one (indicates red and orange snake) "Tree".

Daughter: Well this one HAS to be Roger Jr. cause he looks like Roger. This other one can be "Will"... I'm not sure about the red & orange one.. what should we call it?

Me: How about Aeroflex*?

Daughter: Oh Mom. Let's call him Chuck.

The snakes:

And yes, she went to the store in her PJ's bottoms. If I do it, she can do it too.

*Aeroflex is a type of video camera, my nerdy brother named one of a litter of puppies this name many many years ago. Because he's a nerd.


  1. If she was anyone but your daughter I'd wonder where she got it from.....

  2. Soon as I saw the word Aeroflex, I remember Nathan naming one of the pups. Hey, you could have suggested the name, "Earl"........

  3. OMG Aeroflex. That's so very Nathan.

  4. Ha ha ha ha ha.... Wish I could've been there to see the look on the cashier's face!!

  5. Like the Indian Jones-inspired blog title, BTW...