Saturday, December 26, 2009

Holiday Fun

Well Merry Christmas to everyone! We had a fun filled Christmas Eve at the in-laws for the big family get-together.

Yummy Chinese takeout for all, gift exchange, and the fun gag-gift dice game. What's that? It's basically where everyone brings a white elephant gift, and then you all sit in a big circle and take turns rolling a pair of dice and try to get doubles. If you get doubles, you get to snag a present from the center and open it, or steal someone else's present they already opened. Something can only change hands 3 times until it's permanently "stolen" and retired. Lots of fun ensued, the most popular items that got stolen were a lovely scented candle set, a rather pretty blown glass rooster, and a nerf dart gun that yours truly had brought as a gift.

We have a family tradition from Lem's side that we open one gift Christmas Eve, and it's always PJ's and you have to wear em Christmas morning or you don't get to open gifts.

Christmas day up bright and early to open gifts with the kids. Money being really tight this year we decided to not get stuff for each other to make sure we could give the kids a good Christmas. Santa still filled our stockings with lots of yummy candies and little things, though :)

This is me Christmas morning in my new PJ glory (note the festive Santa socks):

About 8:45am, I start getting ready to put the ham in to cook for our early dinner later in the day. And then I realize that for some inexplicable reason, we don't have any flour in the house. I'm not sure how I've managed to not have flour in the house since we moved here but there you have it. I was using a cooking bag for the ham (it being rather large) to help cut down on the cooking time, and you have to add flour into it to help keep it from exploding in your oven (heeey, that sounds like something to send in to Mythbusters!!). So I hopped in the car (still in my Christmas PJ glory, and went and got flour at the store. Didn't even get any funny looks for my Smiley PJs.

Lem's side of the family came over later, my ham dinner was a success, and we had lots of fun opening gifts and getting our butts kicked by my daughter at Harry Potter Scene It, 2nd edition. She even got her Grandpa Smith to play Spongebob Connect 4 with her!!

I am now the proud owner of an iPod Touch, which is very exciting, and I now get to spend hours and hours fixing all my music files so they are actually organized, and properly labeled with album names etc. so that I can have those cool little album cover icons when I'm searching for music to play. Doh!


ps. yes.. that Hershey bar in the pic? We got that for our daughter.. it's 5 lbs. O.O


  1. iPod Touch? There's a lot of that going around, eh? That makes Scott, Nic, Trav, Charlene and now, you. Kudos, Daughter! Me? I'll stick with my cheapy $20 mp3 player and my new Keurig Coffeemaker......