Monday, December 28, 2009

Now I Lay Me Down To.. Zzzzzzzzz

So today my husband went to his Sleep Center consultation appointment, where the Doctor after listening to him describe his symptoms pretty much said, yep, you have sleep apnea, you win a prize -- a new car!!!

Ok.. he didn't really say that last part. So poor Lem gets to go back tonight and get jacked in, hooked up, inspected, detected, infected, neglected and selected.. and other fun stuff they don't even tell you about in the brochure. I can't imagine a more worse way to test someone's sleep pattern than to stick a bunch of wires all over their person (hey! don't put that THERE!) and then put them in an unfamiliar room behind one-way glass where they are probably making little hand puppets that are eating your head while you're trying to sleep, and tell them.. ok.. SLEEP! But.. don't roll over or move or you'll pull all the little wires out and we'll have to start alllllll over again. So.. just sleep like you normally do (or don't). Yeeeeeaaaaah.

Hopefully all of this will lead to a cool little machine that we will get to have next to our bed that pumps oxygen under his nose and makes it so he can actually breathe real air instead of the noxious fumes that are his nighttime gas that are the REAL reason that neither of us get any sleep at night. Where do I sign up for one of those machines???



  1. It will be the second best thing he'll ever do in his life... right after that one time we went to Tiajuana and saw that girls and Lem told her.....

  2. Hey, there's always drugs and alcohol! I didn't see you on the Group W Bench today....