Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Punctuation Fail

Well it seems that even though the state symbol here is NOT the orange barrel (unlike Ohio - ugh).. there's always a bit of roadwork going on somewhere. The street I drive on near my work has been doing construction, including something where they have a strip going across the road that is a plate of slightly raised metal, not really speed-bump quality but close. They put up a construction sign the first day:

I swear to God this was my thought process as I saw it:

"Motorcycles, use extreme caution... WTF?? *looks around construction site* I don't see any motorcycles? They're using motorcycles for their construction?? WHERE?!!

OH. It's telling motorcycles to use extreme caution. Duh."

I swear it's not my fault. I blame the Transportation Department for conditioning me to automatically insert a comma into road signs.. like "SLOW CHILDREN AT PLAY" .. we all make fun of that one, but we really know it means "SLOW, CHILDREN AT PLAY" see??? Completely not my fault. Really.



  1. Reminds me of that old Farside coming 'school for the gifted'.

  2. The comic with the kid trying to get into the building and the door says "PULL" on it, and he's trying to push it open? HAHAH!


  3. I always used to feel sorry for those slow children. But, when they grow up, they get jobs. Ever see the signs: Slow Men Working.