Monday, January 11, 2010

An Active Imagination

So yeah, I was just in the bathroom here at work. It's a public bathroom that the building provides and our office rents a space, so when you go in there are three stalls. I'm in the middle one, and have just sat down to er.. do my business.. when I hear a series of rattling sounds DIRECTLY OVER MY HEAD in the ceiling. Now, it kind of sounded like someone dragging a cable through the drop-down ceiling. But since there are no workmen around that I noticed upon entering, this seems unlikely. It also had a sound like a million small insectoid-like creatures skittering through the ceiling, and I look up and there's a little AC vent DIRECTLY OVER MY HEAD in the ceiling. I say (outloud), "Oh seriously, if a bunch of little creatures start dropping onto my head from that vent I am SO outta here." (thankfully I was the solo occupant of the bathroom at the time).

Literally SECONDS later (not joking), I hear a weird KACHUNKFSSSST just above me to the left, and as I jerk my gaze upwards I see a small mist cloud puffing up from the stall next to me. Momentary freakout (THE INSECTS ARE ATTACKING!!!) until my brain connects the sound, with the small automatic air freshener attached to the wall above and between my stall and the one next to me.

OK NOT FUNNY BATHROOM MAKER PEOPLE. Good thing I was already on the pot..



  1. Lack of sleep does funny things to the mind.

  2. I'm not even gonna comment on this one......