Sunday, January 24, 2010


Stuff heard in our van after discovering a bag of Jelly Bellys jelly beans:

"Mmmmmmm coffee..."

"Ewwww!!! coffee!!.."

"What's this one? I think it's cotton candy. EWWW it's strawberry!!"*

"You know you can eat a yellow, green, and red all together and it's good." "You're out of control"


"Mmmm chocolate" "I want chocolate!" "It was brown." "UGH THAT'S CAPPUCINO" "It was a different brown."

"YES, Blue IS a flavor. Periwinkle, however, should NEVER be a flavor."

*Strawberry in itself is not gross, however if you are expecting cotton candy, it is.
** I believe it was the horrifically over-fake-buttery popcorn flavored one that caused this.


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  1. Whoa! Across the country our fams are having simliar jelly belly convos! Sunday I brought home a bag of 'smoothie' jb's.
    Sam: "I want ones with DOTS!"
    Jack: "GROSS! Dots are gross. Mom, can I have a purple one? Sam has two purpples and I have this digstusting yellow one."
    Sam (mouth full): "The pinks are really good. And they have dots. But I don't like the color pink. Pink's for girls."
    Jack: "Sam's eating GIRL candy!!"
    ETC. ETC. :)