Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm a Toys-R-Us Kid

Confession time, Internet! I refuse to grow up. Oh sure, I do grown-up stuff. Bills, work, raise kids, etc. BUT.. inside, I'm still just a big kid.

Here are some examples of stuff I still do, that for some reason most adults don't seem to do. What is WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?! Lighten up and enjoy life, will ya??

1. Puddles. I *LOVE* puddles. Whether walking or driving, they are there FOR A REASON! No, it's not because of bad drainage.. it's so you can jump in them as hard as you can (preferably while next to someone else) or drive through them. Yeah yeah.. water on brakes, warps brake pads blah blah.. give it a rest.. it's not like I do it *every day*. Though if I could...

There is something gleeful about splashing through puddles, or through the little river that is running down the side of the road. If you can do this while it's downpouring (assuming it's not freezing out, or lightninging), then GO FOR IT!

2. Soap bubbles. When you're loading the dishwasher, or washing a few big stuff by hand, you use regular dish soap in a bottle. Did you know when you squirt some out then flip the bottle back upright, if you squeeze it real quick the soap layer covering the opening will then produce a stream of tiny little bubbles into the air? SO COOL! I have wasted a bunch of soap doing this over the years, and making soap bubbles with my hand (picture an OK sign, cover with film of soap, blow through).. Bubbles make me giggle, especially itty bitty ones.

3. Spongebob. I love the Spongebob cartoon. He's yellow. He's a sponge. He lives in a PINEAPPLE! How cool is that?? I could never live in a pineapple because I would end up eating it. Wait.. that would be AWESOME! If you wanted a snack, you could just nibble on the wall..
I also feel like sometimes I have to deal with a bunch of "Patricks" in life.. Also I want to live in a world where fire works underwater. No, not special weird-chemical fire stuff, REAL campfires.

4. Climbing. Anything that can be climbed, should be climbed. I'm not talking mountains. I'm talking trees. Freaky huge rocks. Roofs. STUFF. Cats have the right idea.. everything looks way cooler when you're up high and besides then you can spit on stuff below you.

5. Video Games. No, I'm not talking Call of Duty 4. Or even World of Warcraft. I'm talking.. Cooking Mama! Super Mario! ANY Legos game (omg Harry Potter Legos coming out in March -- squeeeeee!!!!). Get in touch with that little kid in you that spent hours getting powerups. Got news for you, they're even MORE fun now, cause now you have the patience to do stuff over and over and over again since your lame old person hand-eye coordination sucks now.

6. Icicles. Icicles are AMAZING! You can just knock down a whole row of them hanging from a house and get deep satisfaction from the shattering wreckage you cause, you can grab down a huge icicle and pretend to use it as a light saber and hit your family with it (causing it to shatter all over them - yay!), or you can happily gnaw on it until you realize the hand holding it has gone completely numb and you then slam it to the sidewalk to watch it shrapnel bomb all over the place. COOL!

What fun "kid" stuff do you do? Oh yeah.. Toys-R-Us? DEFINATELY play with all the toys as you go through the aisles.



  1. Playing with play dough with the twins.

  2. Play dough ROCKS!!!!!!!!! I am the Play Dough Master.. I can make STUFF and it looks like STUFF and it still tastes like salty play-dough.

  3. I've lost track of the number of times I've beeb walking next to a puddle and here comes Del...*SPLASH GIGGLE RUN* and then I try to dry my pants off....

  4. ...Sure tell you are a Dickson. 'Specially the puddles and icicle delights. In the genes!!

  5. Other night the kids chased me around the 'circle' inside our house. While running I started laughing so hard I had a coughing fit which made everyone laugh. Loved every second.