Friday, January 8, 2010

When It Rains...

Well, technically here in the Seattle area when it rains, it can drizzle, mist, pound, and a million other variations. However as far as the analogy goes, it always seems that in life, a bunch of stuff happens at once. This is actually a silly notion, since things are of course happening all the time, but sometimes if they are bad or stressful, they all seem to pile up at once.

Our daughter has been fighting a chronic bladder infection for almost 2 months now. She's been on multiple antibiotics, cranberry tablets, tried going potty more, and drinking more fluids. It's now spread to her kidneys which is very painful and has caused her to spike some pretty uncomfortable fevers. This latest development hit a couple days ago, she's been x-rayed, is going to have an ultrasound, and is on yet another antibiotic and a laxative to make sure everything is flowing, well.. smoothly. As a parent it's really horrid when your kids are sick and even though you've taken all the steps you can, it's a waiting game to see if medicines, sleep, and time will make the difference. As Indigo said.. I Hate Waiting. Nothing like trying to stay positive and supportive and patient when you're running on little sleep. She's been a super trooper this whole time.

A few nights ago my Uncle Mike passed away. He had been fighting cancer, and is now finally at peace. He'll always be Crazy Uncle Mike to me.. I really haven't associated with him in recent years since he lived in South (?) Carolina, but I remember younger days of playing with my cousins, and him always being a total goofball. He always had a knack for making everyone laugh, just a wicked sense of humor. He and my Aunt Jeannette had a pickup truck and it had a camper on the back. I was always so envious of that camper, I imagined driving cross country and having your own little house with you. That's probably why even to this day I have a total crush on the big luxury campers and plan on owning one someday.

Anyway, that's what's going on right now, and why I've been a little too preoccupied to type out any new entries. I will say we finally saw Julie and Julia, and it was truly a splendid movie. I've always liked Julia Childs, I remember watching her cooking show when I was growing up. I think Meryl Streep did a lovely job of representing her (though to be honest, Meryl is still just a little too pretty for the role). Very satisfying movie.

Keep our girlie in your thoughts and prayers.


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  1. I'll say prayers for Megan. Sorry about Mike, he was cool.