Friday, January 1, 2010

Dialogue, Dinner Time

Me: That Hot Pocket smells very hot-pockety*.

Son: It's very hot.

Me: Yeah, that's why they call it Hot Pocket. It's so people can't sue when they bite into the liquid hot-magma interior.

Son: What if you eat it cold?

Me: Then it's a Cold Hot Pocket. And then the Universe would implode.


*yes. hot-pockety is a distinct smell. It's the smell of nitro-hot nameless uncertain contents wrapped in an out layer of faux crust that tastes not entirely unlike parchment paper. Not that I make a habit out of eating parchment paper. Usually.


  1. And durring this exchange I was just sitting on the couch hopeing they wouldn't notice I was there and draw me in.

  2. Poor Lem....Hot what food group are they???

  3. Mmmmm! Hot Pockets! They're a member of the artery clogging food group - that's why they taste sooo good.

  4. The comedian Jim Gaffigan has a whole bit about Hot Pockets- it's pretty hilarious! Nathan and I went to a comedy club to watch him in person a couple of years ago, but we'd already memorized all the jokes from his CD, so we ended up falling asleep on eachother's shoulders.