Sunday, April 25, 2010

Clash of the Yawns

So we took the kids to see Clash of the Titans today. Deciding that since it was originally made in 2-D, and the extra cost of 3-D, we opted to go for 2-D.

Without giving away major spoilers, I can say the following:

I love Greek and Roman mythology. I went through a phase in my youth where I devoured books about it. This movie raped my childhood. I am, perhaps, a bit harsh, but I'm also coming from a childhood where I grew up watching the original 1981 Clash of the Titans movie. This aint it.

In my opinion, the film makers decided they wanted to make the bad-ass mother of all monsters, the Kraken, and then just kind of fudged a story around that. I was never able to emotionally connect with the hero Perseus (played by the main guy from Avatar). He seemed surly and angry and brooding the entire time and *checks IMDB* yep I thought so his Australian accent creeps in throughout his dialogue making me go where the hell are you supposed to be from again??

In order to drive the plot the filmmakers throw in a bunch of random sketchily described characters that thankfully you never really get attached to since you know they're all monster-fodder for the most part. The hunters are amusing, if albeit a complete mystery as to who they are or why they are even in the city.

The liberties taken with traditional mythology had me grinding my teeth throughout, and a few times I was like WTF seriously? UGH.

The action scenes were for the most part so rapid-paced I feel like I missed half of what was happening. The whole movie felt rushed, thank goodness for the plot device of having someone with them the whole time that "knows the way". What a time saver!

Now.. having said all that, I can tell you it was at least entertaining, esp I'm assuming if you have NO knowledge of the prior movie (psst.. watch for a nod to that movie in this one -- that was awesome!), and NO knowledge of mythology. The kids liked it far more than I did, being less critical.

And, Pegasus rocked. No, seriously. Like.. they did such a good job on him I was in awe. I want him. Did I mention my favorite-ist horse breed in the entire world is Friesians? Now, take one, add REALLY good cgi wings. Yeah.. instant WIN. I admit it, I'm a horse lover so I notice horses in movies. Friesians tend to be used quite a bit since they are so striking, elegant, and have amazing natural action. Lem has told me he'll go back to college for genetic engineering and will find a way to splice wings onto a friesian. He's da man.

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  1. Good choice not to go for the 3D version - My other half refuses to watch 3D as it makes her feel sick.... Our local cinema has just moved across to 3D so it's getting harder to find 2D versions of some films....