Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Stockholming Myself, Day 1

An online blogger friend TJ is doing an amazing project, in which she takes a picture of herself everyday and posts it. It's not about diet, or exercise, or to hear criticism or praise. It's about looking at yourself every day until you like what you see -- either through change or acceptance*.

Here's a link to her latest post regarding this:

I think it's a fabulous idea, and I'm joining in! Therefore, here's my Day 1:

Just home from work (yay Jeans day!)

Some amusing notes on this pic:

1. I had to unbury that mirror from behind my dresser, where it was covered with a blanket, and then wash it 3 times with windex to get all the dust off of it. That's how much I hate looking in the mirror.

2. Look! laundry baskets! Yes, they are almost always in my room, and almost always filled with clean laundry that needs folded and put away.

3. I had to borrow a floor lamp from downstairs for more lighting, apparently my room is a cave. Which is how I like it.

3. My expression isn't really smiling-smiling, because I'm trying not to laugh. My daughter was in the bath across the hall, and I could hear her humming and singing the whole time I was trying to setup the mirror. I asked her after what she was singing, she said: "oh, it's a translation of one of the Swedish songs I like." (Which is Dota, by Basshunter) Understand she will NEVER sing in public where she knows someone can hear her. She's so cute.

Oh and I'd take a FULL body pic, if I had a full-body mirror. This is all I gots.

*phrasing courtesy of TJ


  1. Stockholming sister! At least your laundry baskets are full of clean :).
    I covet your hair. Clearly not what Stockholming ourselves was intended for - and yet.

  2. Hooray! I think that counts as full body. I'd give you points for that. If there was a points system. Which there isn't.

  3. The facial expression is the hardest part, once you get past the first day of putting the picture out there. That's why my face is hidden by the camera so much!

    I'm so happy you decided to join in, and don't sweat the mirror - the point is the same, right?

  4. Yay! Hi, you! :) I'm doing this on Dailybooth instead because I'm a chicken. Hehe

  5. Thatfully Del hasn't asked her husband to join in. I keep telling he I'm a vampire and I don't show up in mirrors....or cameras.... And hey, the way I avoid them it must be true.

  6. Zowie you are beautiful! Beautiful hair, smile, face outfit. VERY northwest and it suits you so well.

  7. Auntie you are TOTALLY Biased. lol