Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Walk In The Park

A couple weeks ago it was the first really NICE day since forever, and it was warm, so we went for a walk in a local park. You can click on pics to see bigger versions.

On the left are docks that you can fish from, or swim from (NO DIVING!).

BIG tree trunk.. and again:

Our daughter is just like me, she likes to climb and explore everything. Our son is a teenager. He likes to pretend he doesn't like to climb and explore everything.

She so wanted to jump into the water from there.

I'm not familiar with some of the birds of this state/area, so these ones on the log are a mystery, and they made the WEIRDEST noises!! Loons?? I don't know. By the time we walked around the trail to be closer some guys in a canoe had scared them away (boo!).

Even the grass is celebrating Spring!

The magic Mr. Rainier.

Ok they have these trees here that produce seed packets that look like little caterpillars hanging from the tree. We call them Caterpillar Trees:

Now that it's a couple weeks later these have all fallen off the trees and when they're all over the ground it's like trying to walk over a whole bunch of dead caterpillars. Ew.

Oh, btw, be careful cause you might get EATEN BY A BEAR while walking in the park.

Oh look! It's the unofficial State Flower -- MOSS! I actually didn't realize how many varieties/textures of moss existed til we moved here, they are actually rather pretty. Moss here is like what kudzu is to the south eastern states -- it takes over and destroys everything if not controlled.

Climb, my little mountain goat!

It's not a fun park walk unless you Off Road it, let's go THERE!

Lem patiently waits for us all at the top:


Everything's in bloom - yay!!

View from 3/4 around the lake, walking up a side road:

Lots of folks here have wood-carved lawn ornaments, nice eagles!

This is one of the houses you walk by when you're walking up the road to get back to the park entrance. Weird.

I'm pretty sure this ivy is going to take over that house in the background eventually.

I just want to get a bow and arrow and shoot through that hole. Of course I'd miss.

Crossing the creek.. we managed to not fall in!! Yay us! Wait.. what's that floating in the creek??

Oh cool! It's a baby tree!

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  1. Stunning Photos! As Mr. Burns would say, "Excellent!".