Thursday, April 15, 2010

Stockholming Myself, Day 5

So today I tried to have my daughter take a pic of me, but after about 15 pics of too dark, too bright, red-eyed demon woman, blurry, I gave up and just went into our downstairs bathroom for a quick shot. Did I mention I like this color? I have at least 3 shirts that color..

Also, because they are so awesome, here are the uber warm ultra soft socks I'm wearing:


  1. PERFECT shirt! I really like the neckline detail. And the colour is definitely a favourite of mine as well.

  2. I keep failing at commenting, darnit. Love the shirt, beautiful colour and love the neckline on you.

  3. And well you should, 'cause it's a fantastic colour on you. Those socks may well be the cutest ever!