Sunday, April 18, 2010

Stockholming Myself, Day 6

Today we spent all day out looking at houses for sale and OMG WE PUT AN OFFER ON ONE!!! It's a short-sale, which in house-buying terms usually means it's anything *but* short. Plus the asking price is well below what it's worth so we'll have to see if the bank accepts it or not. Still .. *fingers crossed*.

Anyway, because of that, got home hot, and windblown so this is all I could do today:

This is obviously a "boy shirt" as it seems to just be a tent, however it's very comfortable and loose which is good cause it's hot in here today!

Any ideas of what to do about my jeans -- these jeans are now.. *almost* 2 sizes too big (yay) but the only other jeans I have that are smaller are *just* a little too tight. And holey. Should I just stick it out with these til I can fit more comfortably into the smaller ones? I hate belts, and these are falling off me! This is probably why I resort to PJ bottoms most of the time when I'm home.

More info on how to join found here: Stockholming Myself: It’s looking at yourself every single day until you like what you see – either through change or through acceptance.


  1. Congratulations on the too big jeans! Since the other ones you mention are holey, and don't fit yet, I think it's definitely time to go out and buy a new pair. A pair that fits right now.

  2. With a 2 size drop, I say you definitely deserve a new pair of jeans. And congrats on the offer! My hubby is a realtor with short sale experience, so I'm glad you've been given what sounds like very good information about the process. Fingers crossed that you're dealing with a speedy bank.

  3. Word on buying a new pair now. Why wait for the holey ones? You'll have to replace them anyway. Congrats on the drop, and fingers crossed on the offer!

  4. Excellent, Smithers! Way to go on the Weight goin' down! Need new britches? Do what your Evil Wicked Stepmother does, go to the Salvation Army Store (or Goodwill Store) and save your $ for the down payment on the house we all hope you get.