Monday, April 12, 2010

If I Drank Beer

I'm not really much of an alcohol-drinker, Internet. I prefer the froo-froo sweet Shirley Temple type drinks that require little colorful umbrellas, if I drink at all, which is almost never. I can't STAND hard alcohol like whiskey or rum, it all tastes like what I imagine rubbing alcohol would taste. Beer.. BLEAH. I've tried really cheap beer (hello Pabst), I've tried fancy beer (something like Killian's), I've tried the dark lagers my friend Bart likes.. all of it tastes the same to me. It tastes like Beer. Which is gross.


I listen to the local Alternative radio station when I'm driving anywhere. It's the kind of music I tend to listen to, plus if for no other reason it'd be worth it to hear the Bud Light commercials. For those of you who may not already know, Bud Light has a brilliantly hilarious series of radio commercials called the "Real Men of Genius". They make heroes out of your everyday person that you may not have thought of as a hero.. like the guy who invented the concert t-shirt launcher, or the guy who drives over-decorated taxi cabs. The main announcer guy is always speaking in an overly-dramatic voice, and the little phrases sung in the background crack me up!

What I didn't realize was how MANY of these commercials have been made. I've only heard a fraction of them, something I plan on rectifying once I get home from work today. Go here to see the links to all of them:, when you click on them then scroll down on the next page til you find the red Arrow for Listen.

If I ever decide I like beer, or that I want to drink beer, I think I'll have to drink Bud Light just to help support the company and keep these wonderful commercials alive.