Saturday, April 17, 2010

Crack for Kids

So today our daughter was invited to a birthday party for a friend from school. We had plans to go to the family cabin this weekend and just veg, but since it was her first out-of-school social interaction invitation since we moved here we deemed it to be important enough to delay our cabin visit to another weekend.

The party is being held at the Family Fun Center & Bullwinkle's Restaurant. Now, back east we have Magic Mountain and other "Fun Activity Center" places where you can have parties. This was like that. On steroids. Multi-level, main floor with a couple rides that can seat 10-20 kids and do movement, virtual reality games, shooting, driving, you-name-it-games, laser tag upstairs along with a ton more games, outside they had go-karts, a huge minigolf course, a batting cage area as big as my house, a carousel, fair-type rides like swings, minibungee swings, and more. Basically crack for kids. Almost all the games give tickets so you can pump more $$ into the token machines so your little darling can get the next level of crappy toy for a gazillion tickets.

I snapped a few pics on the way out, sorry for the blurry I didn't want to use flash cause I didn't want draw attention to myself and look like some freaky pedophilish stalker person for taking pics of random people and not my kid.

Looking down from the upstairs level at a portion of the floor games.

Cripes *I* want to go play in that climby-gym thing. Too bad I'd get stuck in the tunnels.

Upstairs, Laser Tag is back and to the left.

Looking down the stairs towards the entrance.

They also have a full-sized restaurant/buffet, where you hold the parties I assume.

Indoor bumper cars. INDOOR FREAKIN BUMPER CARS. Can I live here?

The virtual reality Space Coaster ride, that apparently also even flips you upside down. Wheeee!

The carousel outside. They didn't have all the outside rides open, I'm assuming because it was only 58 degrees out. The outside rides/games on the other side of the building were all up and running though.

The best part? Our kids both have birthdays coming up in May and June, and how much you want to bet our daughter wants to have hers here? *shudder*

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  1. Lazer tag?!? LAZER TAG?!? I want. Haven't been in years, and only remember that I had a blast regardless of the fact that the itty bitty children sure had an advantage over adult-sized me...