Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Aint Feelin' It

I'm not really feeling the Holiday Spirit this season. Thanksgiving is in a few days, but I'm highly unmotivated to do a big Cooking just for myself, although a few days later there may be feasting at The Aunt's house, if we can coordinate properly. I don't think I'm going to do any Black Friday shopping, I have to work that morning, though of course with how crazy early things open, I could easily hit a few sales before going to work if I go early enough and camp out. There's really nothing I've seen this season that is The Thing that I need to get, esp since the kids are older and just want money or gift cards to Game Stop. Of course the sundries, such as socks/PJ's/misc stocking stuffers are a possibility. We'll see.. getting up to venture out in the freezing cold mega early, I may just pass and do some online shopping instead.

The thought of having to dig out my Christmas decorations, and sort through them, and then put up my segregated decorations fills me with a vague sense of sadness. Are we still doing the PJ's tradition? Normally we all get to open one gift on Christmas Eve here at our house, and it's always PJ's, and you MUST wear them on Christmas morning or you don't get to open anything. Dunno. I haven't started listening to Christmas music yet, once Thanksgiving hits one of the local radio stations plays NOTHING but Christmas music until the holiday itself, so perhaps I'll tune into that soon and see if the music inspires me. I really just want it to be January, to start the new year and start moving forward, hopefully.

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