Friday, November 8, 2013

Take The Long Way Home

These days it seems like everyone is in such a hurry. We don't want to wait for the checkout clerk, just do self-checkout it's faster. We don't want to wait through the phone tree options, just Power Push ZERO ZERO ZERO over and over ignoring the prompts until you can get a live person, even though that person is inevitably in the WRONG department and will have to transfer you where you wait on hold anyway. We don't even want to wait for the microwave to finish heating our food, "ONE WHOLE MINUTE?! OH MY GOD MAKE IT GO FASTER!!"  Now this Instant-Gratification Generation just wants what they want yesterday, and cannot fathom why they can't have it then. Even when driving it's 'what's the shortest/fastest route'??  Yeah, I know gas prices are insane, but still.

When did we become like this? What happened to sitting quietly reading a book, or working on stitching, or just sitting on a porch watching the world go by? I know these things still happen, but it seems so few and far between. What happened to just taking the scenic route when driving, just to enjoy nature and the drive rather than zooming along the boring industrial highways at crazy speeds? I challenge people to slow down, take your time doing things; enjoy the act of cooking or baking rather than just nuking something in the microwave, unplug and read a good book, or even just take the long way home and decompress from a busy day dealing with the hustle and bustle of today's crazy society.

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  1. We have a microwave fireplace. Now we can sit around the fire and enjoy the evening in three minutes.....