Monday, November 25, 2013

What She Said

Just back from watching the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special on the big screen in 3D. IT WAS SO AWESOME!!!  There were tons of Doctor Who fans in line, most wearing Doctor Who t-shirts, or bowties, or TARDIS hats, purses, tights, dresses, even a remote controlled K-9! We all chatted and played with sonic screwdrivers, and it was like being at a big family reunion except in this case even if you didn't know the people you still had a bunch to talk about.

The show itself was amazing. It was so worth going to see. The kids loved it, the audience responses were great - laughing, gasping, clapping and cheering at times. For a great run down and I agree complete, check out my friend Kristy's blog post about it at:  (Spoilers, Sweetie)

As we were leaving we ALMOST stayed to watch the later showing, just because the second it was over we wanted to watch it again. And again. And again. They really did a bang up job on this one, I can't wait til the Christmas special and the next series starts.

Some random pics I took of the folks waiting:

This gal was there with her grandparents. Her grandma had a red Just Say No To Daleks shirt on, and her grandfather had a sweater vest with ?'s all over it, and a bow tie, and 3 sonic screwdrivers (#4, #10, #11). He let me mess with them and we all got a pic together for them (they liked my shirt and tattoo).

The remote control K-9. It's ears spun, tail moved, mouth part extended, you could drive it all over and IT TALKED IN HIS VOICE! It was very, very cool. 

Such a totally wonderful night, the kids and I chattered excitedly all the way home about our favorite parts and how clever the writers are to tie stuff in from past series. 

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