Monday, November 11, 2013

"B" Movies

So lately I've been digging through Netflix and other online sources, and finding horrible cheesy "B" Movies to watch. "B" Movies, in case you don't know, are the low-budget movies that usually involve boobs, and monsters, and HORRIBLE cheesy dialogue and a plot that usually makes no sense. I love them.

I think it goes back to watching Black Belt Theatre on local TV when I was growing up. They didn't usually make a whole lot of sense, involved a lot of action sequences, stupid dialogue, and lame sound effects. I remember one where the two combatants were doing the various Forms of the martial arts they were doing. Every time this guy would do Snake Form, they had dubbed snake hissing sounds when his hands move. And when that guy would do Tiger Form, his movements emitted tiger growls. SO AWESOME. And cheesy. That's what I love about these movies, they don't take themselves seriously, and you shouldn't go into them with high expectations.

What I find even more amusing is when what I would consider well-known stars turn up in these wretched train wrecks. All I can think is that I am sooo betting they wished that all copies of that movie would somehow mysteriously cease to exist, and I'm sure they don't put it on their resume. "Oh, yeah, I was in Galaxy of Terror. I got stripped naked by this huge alien slug thing and then slimed and killed." Yeaah no. (That one, incidentally, had Edward Albert, Erin Moran *and* Ray Walston in it. If you don't know who they are, IMDB them). Oh, and it was weird and awful. And by awful I mean so awful it was awesome.

If you haven't watched any lately, I highly recommend browsing through Netflix or whatever way you have access to movies. I recommend The Angry Red Planet, or perhaps Dinosaur Island (the latter, the dinosaurs oh my gosh are SO BADLY DONE they are mega-awesome. Lots of boobs in that one, though, I'll warn ya). It's really fun to watch them with other people that appreciate them as well, especially if you make snarky comments the entire time.


  1. Oh, God you write such funny stuff! Love it.

  2. Netflix is AWESOME for that!

    Still need to get you to watch Breaking Bad, though, if you haven't already. Laura finished it and was almost speechless.