Monday, November 18, 2013

Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey

If you aren't a fan of Doctor Who, then you can skip this post. Skip it, and go watch Doctor Who, starting with the reboot season 9 with Christopher Eccleston and don't stop until you're completely caught up. I suppose you can take potty breaks and maybe sleep a little. Food optional. You can thank me later.

I used to watch Doctor Who when I was much much younger. They always say your first Doctor carries a special place in your heart. My first Doctor was the Fourth Doctor: Tom Baker. I wanted a super long scarf like his SO BADLY (and still do), and he was amazing and his first companion was Sarah Jane Smith whom I fell in love with too and the entire show was MAGIC. Daleks! The Master! Entropy! When they did the reboot, I was resistant. I grew up with Classic Doctor Who, how DARE they try to bring back my childhood love! They were going to ruin it! I didn't start watching until partway through the 11th Doctor, Matt Smith. I started at the "beginning" of the reboot, season 9. And oh man, it was SO GOOD. My entire family started watching together. We walked around the house going, "Are you my Mummy?" in creepy little kid voices. I slowly made my way through the episodes. A lot of them made me laugh. A lot of them made me cry. All of them kept my imagination fully engaged and pulled me back into this wondrous world.

It's amazing how fiercely loyal Doctor Who fans are to their favorite characters. We will argue forever about why THIS Doctor is so much better than THAT Doctor and we all have Companions that we like, don't like, loath, and love. You become attached to a specific Doctor, and when it's time for the passing of the guard, when that Doctor is leaving the show and being replaced, it is almost traumatic. Each actor brings something new to the role, each Regeneration a different aspect of the Doctor's overall character. Every time, you start out HATING the new Doctor. How DARE he try to replace YOUR Doctor. He will NEVER be as good. Ok FINE, I'll just suffer through watching this new guy. And then, he starts to grow on you. You find yourself liking him. He may, perhaps, never replace that special Doctor in your heart, but you end up enjoying his portrayal the more you watch.

This weekend is a Doctor Who event, The Day Of The Doctor. It's the next step where the last season left off. They're showing it in limited theaters around the world, and also on TV. I can't wait to go and wait in line early to get good seats with my kids, and just geek out with all the other Doctor Who fans that will be in that line; reminisce about past Doctors, discuss our favorite and least favorite episodes. And then sit among them and take in the transition to the next Doctor, and the start of a whole new adventure.

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