Saturday, November 16, 2013


I'm a firm believer in Lists. Part of that is the control freak in me, that likes to have everything under my thumb and know exactly what's going on when, and what needs to go where. That's probably related to my childhood where I was whisked away at a moments notice and basically had no control over my life until I finally hit high school and could put my foot down and say "NO, I'M NOT GOING!"  Part of it is because I'm usually doing the equivalent of walking, playing the tambourine, skipping backwards, while reciting the Gettysburg Address all in my head at any given time. There are so many things buzzing around in there, that if I don't pin those thoughts to paper like some kind of Thought Entomologist they'll just fly away and I'll forget them. And part of it is that I get deep satisfaction from marking stuff OFF of lists. Done! Done! It gives me a feeling of accomplishment and helps break down big tasks into smaller chunks so I don't feel overwhelmed.

I make Lists for all kinds of things. Right now, I have a list of the Crafting professions I need to level in Final Fantasy (and to what level each needs to be raised), a List of gear upgrades I can get for my hunter in World of Warcraft, and which boss drops them where, and ever-growing Pinch List that will be due next time I see a friend because he totally deserves them, a List of STUFF TO DO when I get wherever I end up next year, a list of To See Movies, a list of Bills, and a list of books To Read that I am slowly making my way through. These aren't even all my Lists, these are just ones within my eyesight right now! Hmm.. maybe I should make a List of my Lists so I can keep track of them all..

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  1. "List of my Lists"...... Ha! That's a good one!