Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Creative Itch

I have an artist's disposition. I like to create things with my hands -- origami, pysanky, cross-stitch, drawing, SOMETHING. I go through phases where I simply MUST create/be artistic or I'll go crazy. It starts as a little niggling in the back of my mind. I notice other things people are doing; a few of my coworkers knit, a friend's origami, artwork on the internet. And that creative itch starts bugging me. Sometimes I can stave it off by doing the jigsaw puzzle at work in the breakroom. Other times I can sit down with my daughter and play with LEGOs making bizarre buildings and contraptions. Even intricate coloring books satisfy. Ultimately I have to do something creative or I feel like I can't settle down and enjoy other things.

Recently we carved pumpkins for Halloween. Usually we do a couple each, but I was feeling unmotivated this year, so we just did one each and had a spare that ended up getting hollowed out for the seeds, but not carved. I had lots of ideas for that last pumpkin, including a really cool Doctor Who one, but with work, stress, lack of sleep it just was too much for me to take on. Sometimes the Creative Itch is buried deep slumbering and wants nothing to do with the tasks at hand. Perhaps it will come back in time for the Holidays, we'll see.


  1. Charlene and I know what you mean. I did the "Pumpkin Pi" carving this year, first time in a long time....

  2. What about those eggs you used to pain?