Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Why Don't Guys Call Ahead??!!

Something that drives me absolutely crazy is when guys REFUSE to call ahead to a place for a reason. For example, if you are going out to eat, call ahead and see how long the wait is. If you are going to look for a specific part you need, call ahead and see if they have it in stock, and how much it is. If you are planning on driving to a new place, call ahead and get specific directions/landmarks that maybe mapquest or a GPS wouldn't tell you (yeah, turn right at the blue cow statue). Why is this impossible for guys to do?!

Ok, I realize this is a gross generalization. I'm sure there are plenty of guys that DO in fact understand it's a good thing to call ahead to see if a mega-hit sold out movie is seating early, and how long the line is already. Perhaps there's a certain age range of men, say teens to mid-30's, that think They Know Better and 'No, I'll just go and see if they have it when I get there.' OMG Just NO. Why would you waste the gas and time when you'll end up driving to three different places before you find the right thing?? It's not like a woman shopping. A woman shopping will inevitably drive to three different places for COMPARISON shopping. The thing we maybe wanted was at the first store. But maybe there's something even better at the next couple stores that will out Thing the first Thing and we'll end up buying it instead. I really don't think guys are like that. They don't want to drive to three different hardware stores just to browse car batteries. "Oh, I don't know, the one at the last store looked nicer..." 

Someone please explain to me the reason guys are so unwilling to do this. I think it would save so much hassle. Don't even get me started about trying to get guys to stop and ask for directions. UGH.

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