Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Don't you hate it when you feel strongly passionate about a TV series, it's amazing and awesome and you could go on and on and on about it forever, and you have someone that you KNOW would totally love it, but they won't watch it. AAAAGGH!!  Just watch it. Just.. just a couple episodes. Even in some cases just the first episode. You will be totally hooked, I swear! You try to casually bring it up, in a "oh hey your discussion of Obamacare is fascinating, but OHMYGODHAVEYOUSEENTHISITISAWESOMEOHPLEASEWATCHITSOICANTALKTOYOUABOUTIT!!" kind of way. For some reason, a lot of these discussion end when the other person backs away slowly trying not to make eye contact or any sudden moves. Obviously they are deep in contemplation about the show I just rapid-fire fan-girled all over them about (handing them a towel is always a good move at this point too.)

Then of course you get the people that have finally, FINALLY watched something you recommend, and like it, and keep watching it, and you feel like you should actually call up the producers of the show and get their personal congratulations for converting another poor clueless person to The Way. Hallelujah! They have seen The Light! What's terrible is when you recommend something, someone watches it, and comes back with a tepid response. What?! How could you not like it?!! Obviously, we'll need to rethink this friendship, I mean.. COME ON.. it's (insert famous actor or actress name) ferchrissakes!! You then try to convince them to *keep* watching, because maybe they just didn't "get" it the first episode and further watching will enlighten them on the error of their ways. Eventually you may have to concede that they just aren't as far along as you on the evolution scale, and perhaps as they mature, they may come to see your wisdom in this matter. Next!!

p.s. Yes, I swear to God Kristy I will watch all of Stargate someday. Really! And Torchwood. And the half-dozen other series I haven't even started that I know I would love.

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  1. Ha ha ha, you are too funny! I can just hear your voice, all your funny inflections and enthusiasm. Blog on, mama!